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- R.B. de Castilho, M.O.S. Moraes, C.V. Nunez , L.H. Coutinho, A.F. Lago, A.C.F. Santos., C.A. Lucas, S. Pilling and G.G.B. de Souza, Int. Journal of Mass Spectrometry, SUBMETIDO. Excitation and Ionic Fragmentation of the Carvone Molecule (C10H16O) around the O 1s Edge

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- Rocha W. R. M.,  Pilling S. Spectrochemistry Acta Part A: Molecular and Biolomecular Spectroscopy, SUBMETIDO. Determination of optical constants n and k of thin films from Absorbance data using Kramers-Kronig relationship.

Accepted/In Press

- de Barros A. L. F., Boduch P., Pilling S., da Silveira E. F., Domaracka A., Rothard H. 2013, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, PUBLICACÃO ACEITA. Processing of low content carbon interestellar ice analog by cosmic rays: Implications on the chemistry around oxygen-rich stars.


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